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Why do you want to be a flight attendant?

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Post by Plavt » Tue, 16 Oct 2007 9:20 pm

salvana wrote: 1 of the reasons that I remember most is: " It's the money..."
That according to your satement was ony one reason and what matters is whether or not she could justify her satement which she clearly did.

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Re: Why do you want to be a flight attendant?

Post by queenie-me » Tue, 16 Oct 2007 10:06 pm

jencrs wrote:
queenie-me wrote:To me is my passion ever since I was young and it's NOT because of glam or travelling.. IT's where my heart belongs ;)
Are you saying that you'd be fine if it's unglam and there's no travelling involved i.e. just turnarounds? Just curious cuz you've been telling others to join international.
I told others to go international is because there are better prospect for them out there and better ENVIRONMENT!
And it's is all passion... If not, I wouldn't go to budget in the first place.

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Post by Deep_Blue » Wed, 17 Oct 2007 1:43 am

salvana wrote: Let's put it in this way, if we (FA wannabe) all are able to travel to those lovely places every month without working as an FA (be it on biz trip or on our own expenses....... i know this sounds rather unrealistic, but let's play wif our imagination)
Would any1 of us still love this job that much?

Who would ever like about serving others rather than being served?

I'm juz sharing my opinon.... :)
Probably instead of encouraging each otha in this forum, we could actually learn and find out what do we want from this FA job actually.....

~Absolutely no offend to any1 outa who has different idea~
Hey there salvana. I do agree with you that most people are in it for the money. Isn't that what makes the world go round? 8-)

But I would also like to add that not everyone is like that. There are people who like to serve as much as being served. I would shamelessly admit i'm one of those. LOLz...

You see, i used to want a job that rakes in good money. Took a course in poly that had good prospects at that time. Making thru the unforgiving cut-off point made it even more glorified. I was set to mine every inch of gold that they had to offer. But i soon realized that my heart wasn't there all along. Sure, it still has alot to offer, but i just wasn't interested anymore. I had no choice but to drag myself along to complete the course.

All this while though, i found some direction. I started working as a part-time service crew in a cafe restaurant. I shan't name it here. I've been working there for 2 years + now, and still happily working. Staff turn-over in the F&B industry is very high, and i saw many that came and go. Frankly speaking, the pay is average, working hours long, and I also had many duties other than serving customers. But somehow, i managed to derive great fulfillment while doing my job. Rude and unappreciative customers are part and parcel of the job, but the smile and words of thanks and encouragement from appreciative customers was what drived me. Yes, we all know that appreciative customers are far and few between. But that handful is enough to keep you going and negate any tinge of fatigue. That was when i realized where my heart was. I loved doing service to people. I feel fulfillment, and thats important if you want to stay happy with your job. That was when i also started considering to try for a job as a flight steward. Although i've yet to become one. Challenging, increased responsibilities, being able to come into contact with different cultures are all very attractive aspects of the job to me. Of course, not forgetting the money.... which is a huge plus. :D

So ultimately, i feel that it all boils down to really asking ourselves what we want, like what salvana said. What do you really want from this job?

A thought suddenly came up to my mind. I shall end with it then. HAHA... "The power of money is enough to make one blind. And when you're blind. You lose your way."

Have a good day ahead everyone~!!!

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Post by salvana » Wed, 17 Oct 2007 11:06 am

yoo... Deep_Blue,

Absolutely rite. $$$ is the root cause... :twisted:
haiz... no1 could eva deny the fact that $$$ is what makes the world go round...

For once and always, $$ matters.... hence, it doesn't matter how much sacrifice that we made.... the ultimate goal is to earn a living in this globe.

Cool.... Now I'm seeing anotha perspective from your reply.... 8-)

Well, hoping to see more valuable inputs from othas... :cool:
Dreams Do Come True

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Post by esah » Wed, 17 Oct 2007 3:46 pm

I think the answer to such question is to say a combination of reasons. I mean, we can't just give them 2 or 3 answers right? Perhaps we can say money + travel + passion + dream + challenge...

Then out of all the reasons, pick one of them and give a further elaboration on why that is the main reason. In this way, they can see that we have a lot of reasons on why we want to become a FA and at the same time, able to pinpoint the exact reason.

I'm just offering my thoughts. Sorry if it clashes with others. :)

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