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Where to Buy Furnishings??

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Post by synkronize » Wed, 17 Oct 2007 3:44 pm

road.not.taken wrote:
$2K would be cheap for a King Koil. Some are well over $10K. Flats are getting so small, I wouldn't want to buy a king-sized bed in Singapore now -- I think you're smart to go with the queen size. This is a challenge as you seem to have a beer budget but champagne tastes. :D

There is a MegaMattress store on Balestair Rd, with lots of different brands and Shanghai Heng Long on Joo Chiat, same thing -- they carry lots of different well known brands. Consider going to the source as well: Mattress International makes their own, on Ubi Crescent somewhere.
Hahaha, i seriously didn't know how expensive King Koil was! Back in Malaysia I always thought they were one of the cheaper brands since almost every household has them! This is my first time shopping for a mattress, so pardon my ignorance :P

Thanks for the tip on MegaMattress. Shall check them out this weekend. U guys are such gems!

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Post by cbavasi » Wed, 17 Oct 2007 4:11 pm

you would be right that king koil might be less expensive in malasyia as they have different plants. the one we bought in jakarta was manufactured in malaysia (but still under warranty around the world). you might find that the king koils are not as expensive as 10k but they will certainly run you over 1k for sure. it is true that going to a mattress made locally would be the best way to go for your budget. you would most likely get the quality without spending the money for an 'import'. the bed frame you can always 'upgrade' upon. we had a bed custom made and quite honestly i was afraid it wasn't going to hold the weight of our mattress. i think you'd be surprised at the IKEA frames. as long as you're not breaking them down over and over it would probably last until you upgraded.

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Where to Get Furnishings?

Post by twilight85 » Tue, 15 Jan 2008 4:29 pm

Hello --

saw this post and decided to comment.

usually i get WOM from my friends + family, but i do have to recommend this site:

not only do they recommed interior designers, they showcase some pretty cute home accesories under one of their categories. Also, they highlight various companies we can go to for various needs!

They recommended Dahlia gallery for furniture and I went to visit the store - my.... i love that store!! im sure you will. go check out dahlia! and the website if you want more options! Dahlia is located at Amoy Street by the way....

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