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abt the 6 mths ban...

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abt the 6 mths ban...

Postby pacficgal » Sun, 07 Oct 2007 9:20 pm

i'll like to get some feedback from ppl out there.. yes i failed my management rd in july.. n was wondering if it was advisable to go n try for the 20oct walk-in interview.. i reali wish to be a fa... though its many people's dream..

cuz during the period of time tt i failed my mgt.. i was completely lost n sad.. but i wish to try.. however i was told abt having a 6mths ban..

so wat do u ppl tink?

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Postby caryssa » Sun, 07 Oct 2007 9:56 pm

replied u in the singapore airlines local cabin crew thread.. :D

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