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Postby Thaiclan » Thu, 20 Sep 2007 10:26 am

Aaaarrggh I'm about to go crazy dealing with Far East Organisation. Maybe my anger is centered at myself too as when my family moved here we were warned by a few expats to try and give Far East a wide berth when we rented a property. However as they are one of the largest land owners in Singapore their properties came up again and again, and the one we like the most happened to be one of theirs too.
Lo and behold within a few weeks interaction with them had to begin and now 1 year in I now am yet another expat voice urging new expats to avoid them if they can.
I think there should be an award for the worst customer service company in Singapore and I would definitely nominate Far East for all categories.
However they also did make me laugh VERY hard when I asked for the number or extension to speak to a manager and was told "I'm sorry but our managers to not entertain customers telephone call"!! Classic!! hahahhaha
I then asked for an email address, but apparently Far East also do not use email.......ooooh maybe they are not aware that it is 2007 hmmmm :roll:

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Postby Superglide » Thu, 20 Sep 2007 10:58 am

Welcome to the land of confusion.
If only we could pull out our brain and use only our eyes.
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Re: Landlords

Postby sundaymorningstaple » Thu, 20 Sep 2007 3:38 pm

Thaiclan wrote:.......ooooh maybe they are not aware that it is 2007 hmmmm :roll:

Who knows, maybe they are smarter than you think....... :P

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Postby sprite » Thu, 20 Sep 2007 3:51 pm

I have heard such bad things about Far East as well. Having a bad landlord can be the most discouraging thing, and make your time here tedious and frustrating. Sorry, but it's true. I find if you keep after them, in a way that is not confrontational, but clear and direct -- they usually come around.

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