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yeah as jencrs noted, according to the circular, the 744 fleet is indeed winding down.

I've not heard about cargo cadets being offered to be transfered to main fleet, and my cargo cadet friends are still remaining status quo.

We are given an opportunity to indicate our preference for Main fleet, cargo or Silkair during the employment process, but it is seldom, or never followed. Some who prefered cargo got into main fleet, and vice versa.

If I am not wrong, the cargo guys get rather long COPs (crew operating patterns) that involve them being away for periods of 2-3 weeks. OF course there are no stewardesses on board, and your hubbie would end up having to serve the captain on board.

Silkair pilots operate mostly turnaround flights, which in my opinion is very tiring to do.

If your husband joins now, he may be in time for the A330 fleet, which is rumoured to be used for short haul flights, and may be to your liking. But I don't think any pilot would be too happy operating short hauls all the time, with the main advantage being able to clock more sectors quickly.

I have friends and family members in cabin crew and tech crew positions, and really, although there are opportunities for interaction with stewardesses, you should know by now whether your hubby has the propensity to stray. I was also trained in engineering, and being in the midst of stewardesses is a welcome change in the beginning, and guys being guys will ogle at them from afar for sure. As for making advances, if he will, he probably would have done it already. Not everyone who walks through geylang would end up visiting the bars and brothels there.

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