Can someone help me regarding my Singapore LPR

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Can someone help me regarding my Singapore LPR

Post by mamoth » Fri, 07 Sep 2007 9:29 pm

Hi guys,
I got question regarding LPR
So far I've been granted LPR
I've applied offshore and currently I'm still in my own country
Due to some unfinished matters in my country, I haven't been able to leave my country just yet
My question is:
After my landed PR is approve do I need to do
something (for example: to come to a representative of
Singapore government in my country or even go to
immigration office in Singapore to fill a form or to (kind of) validate my LPR status)
Will Singapore government terminate my LPR if I go to Singapore 3-4 month after I receive my LPR?
I've sent an email to the SMC agency regarding this question but their reply isn't answering my question, rather they explain about how to change my LPR status to PR status
Thx before


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