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Postby goneeastgal » Wed, 22 Aug 2007 8:31 pm

I am an American hospital worker being "asked to resign" do to "cultural" differences. I have been in San Francisco for the past 19 years.... so I made it 6 months at this job and now getting this "request" based on "complaints that were not investigated"..I am the only one in my department with a liscence...the rest are Philopinas..I have worked very hard and have a 27 year excellent track record. The last American was also "asked to resign" at 6 months. I have spent alot of money and time to move here and something about this feels weird. I'd like to have my contract looked over bya legal person. Has this happened to anyone else?? Any advice? I really would like this not to happen to any other unsuspecting person. I have decided not to "resign" . I have never been fired from a hospital job nor quit because of personality differences. This is a hospital not high school.

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