Jobs for Fresh Chemistry PhD, Advice

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Jobs for Fresh Chemistry PhD, Advice

Post by bayernaxe » Mon, 20 Aug 2007 7:19 am


I am looking for jobs related to Chemistry. I am about to complete my Phd in Inorganic Chemistry from NTU, Singapore. I have 1 publication in Inorganic Chemistry Journal and have presented twice (Posters ) at conferences in Malaysia and Thailand. Since I am a graduate from here, I will easily get Singapore PR.

Till now , I have found job hunt quite frustrating. I am over-qualified for many jobs and under-qualified for others. In this case, I would like to get some pointers, contacts etc who can help me a bit. I am finding it hard to get a position of A-star labs at this point of time. So, I am looking a possibilities in industry.

1. What is the best way to approach jobs in industry ?

2. How can I find contacts in industries who can be helpful in my search.

3. Any other pointers will be great. If someone is looking for a Fresh Phd and can point me to it, I will be grateful.

Regards and Many Thanks

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