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Singfest 2007 - did anyone go?

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Singfest 2007 - did anyone go?

Post by cafecafe » Tue, 14 Aug 2007 1:01 am

Was I the only member of this forum who went to singfest 2007.?
Initially I thought it was 200 per day but the wonderfull folks at the Tourism Center on Orcahrd road directed me to HMV half a min walk away and I got my ticket for SG $ 102. Not a bad deal at all. 6 bands in a nice park the sound was alright too. Good performances from the Strangles, the Sasha Bach band, the Pet Shop Boys. An amazing performance by hip-hop extraordinaire Shaggy, he stole the show that night imo. He also did a duet with Cindy Lauper who has not changed the slightest in all these years, still dressed like her grandma, all in black and... you won't believe this, a white G-String coming out hahaha hahaha and still rolls down the stage with some funny moves. She managed to jump off stage and over a barrier and into the crowd without breaking her legs. But she is imo a true artist, with some quality vocal cords and the duet she did with Shaggy was nice!
Sugar Ray was a bit of a disaster, their equipment failed on numerous acassions, they began a song then decided in the middle of it that it wasn't working with the crowd and went for another song etc. They were a disaster...
all in all I had a great time. got to see 6 bands. 5 of them quality. I was right in the front and if I divide 102 SG $ by 6 it works out something like 20 dollar per band!
I'll difinitely be back next week!
Thank you Midas Promotions for organizing the event!!!!!

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Post by Humour_Me » Tue, 14 Aug 2007 6:10 pm

I actually won 2 tickets for this but I had sort of quadraple booked myself that particular evening - it was bloody impossible to squeeze SingFest in.

I gave the tickets away to my friend and her boyfriend and according to them, it was a complete disaster. Not because of the bands - the bands were awesome but the organisers were shit. This was reported too in the papers.

But all in all - given that this IS Midas' first time at it, good effort, guys, learn from the mistakes and let's make it a yearly staple!


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