Serdev Technique at Laserlipolisis & Aesthetics Center, JB

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Serdev Technique at Laserlipolisis & Aesthetics Center,

Post by jetseng » Mon, 13 Aug 2007 10:54 am

Serdev thread lift

The aim of modern aesthetic (cosmetic, beauty) surgery is to create aesthetic forms and proportions for the face and body with the purpose of beautification. In the Aesthetic Cosmetic Surgery rejuvenation means the same - beautification by giving the right proportions and angles typical for young people. Recently this surgery was renovated, based on the experience of many specialties, increased technology and computer devices.

Thread lift with the Serdev Technique is the most recent method for remodelling and/or rejuvenating the body and the face.It is a less traumatic experience for the patient, leaving few punctures or no scars, with a rapid recovery, less swelling and less ecchymosis and with the possibility of rapidly resuming normal activities.

All this made it possible for the serious surgical interventions to be replaced by more simple procedures. One of these new treatments is the method of Scarless "Serdev Suture" liftings used in any part of the face and body to correct early ptosis and flabbiness of the tissue. In the face: Temporal, Supra-temporal, Medial, and Lower SMAS lift; Brow lift; Chin enhancement without implants; Nose tip and alar refinement; Ear corrections; In the body areas: Buttock lift; Breast lift; Inner thigh lift etc. These non scaring elastic suture methods fully replaced the old excision face lifts and body part dermolipectomies with pulling the skin in only one direction.


Thread lift with the Serdev Technique is the most recent method for remodelling and/or rejuvenating the body and the

Temporal face life
Eye brow life
Chin enhancement
Nasal tip refinement

somebody posted this and I thought that it was great information. So to share with all of you.

Anyways, for those interested, I do know that Laserlipolisis & Aesthetics Clinic in Johor Bahru performs this technique. The doctor is very experienced and is one of the few that has been trained overseas, In fact, he gives training to other doctors locally.

Pricing wise,

Serdev Face Lift : Face Lift ( 2 pair thread) - RM 5,500.00, Fact Lift ( 1 pair thread) RM 3800.00, Brow Lift (1 pair thread) RM 2,200.00 , Chin RM 2200

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