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condo tenant seeking advise

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condo tenant seeking advise

Postby deeloke » Sat, 21 Jul 2007 10:12 pm

I just moved into a new condo that does not feature a security grill at the front door. I did not see this as a problem when i took up the lease but unfortunately i have experienced some security incidents including having my new shoes stolen from outside the front door, and a woman forcing her way into the apartment and subsequently bedroom at 7AM (!!!) on a Sunday morning: our new maid opened the front door, and a strange woman stormed right in!. The woman claimed to have made a mistake, but the circumstances were very weird. Our condo security were informed of both incidents but are uninterested in assisting us.

So given my experience, I requested that our landlord install a security grill at the front door. They refused.

Anyone have an idea on tenants rights for this situation? Should I simply offer to pay for a security grill myself?


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Postby ashnd76 » Sun, 22 Jul 2007 12:13 am

Lost of shoes:

Security has no duty of care to look after your personal belongings, placed outside your premises, knowing that there will always be a risk of theft, no matter how small that risk is.

Not negligent either, coz that would be an unjust burden on security to look out for every apartment.

Woman storming into your bedroom:

The woman did not force her way in, coz your maid, impliedly by conduct gave her the permission, by opening the front door.

Did your maid tell her to stop or anything? or to get out? to show that she has reasonably revoked her consent? If you maid does nothing, then i'm afraid the woman can claim that she has made a genuine and honest mistake, which she did.

Front Door Grille:

IF there's a provision in any term/condition of the tenancy agreement for additional fittings/structures to be borne by both parties, then you have something to bite on.

If not, and the landlord refuses, it gets tricky. Either:

i. Install and pay for it from your own pocket & and maybe incur additional costs if the landlord insists that you remove it when your lease expires.


ii. Inform him, preferably in writing, that you are giving him reasonable notice about the lack of a grille which presently threatens your safety, your family and that of your property.

And his refusal to even bear half the cost with you, might make him liable under contributory negligence or omission liability, if a crime or tort or personal injury etc occurs in future, which is attributed to the lack of grille.

But i guess the BEST way is to tell your maid: dont open doors to strangers!

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Postby skye » Sun, 22 Jul 2007 6:25 am

A security grill won't help with the shoes or anything else you leave outside the door, which are fair game for anyone with no moral scruples. Cheaper and easier option regarding vetting before allowing anyone inside would be to fit a security chain on the door, which you can get from most hardware stores.

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Postby deeloke » Tue, 24 Jul 2007 8:44 pm

firstly thank you for taking the time to offer some advice. It is comforting to know that there are people in SG who are generous with regards to both their time and expertise.

Yes, our maid (i refer to her as a maid out of convenience online only, normally i refer to her by name...) only arrived in Singapore the night before and the woman was looking for someone who had a name similar to that of my wife, so it was likely a matter of "all the holes in the cheese lining up...." I certainly feel much safer in singapore than I do back home, however I do realise this should not effect a lapse in due consideration for security.

I will look at the tenant ageement, and then consider the options suggested.


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Postby Wind In My Hair » Wed, 25 Jul 2007 12:39 am

Welcome to Singapore! I must say you have strange neighbours.. barging in and stealing shoes. Hopefully the rest of your stay will be less eventful.

Did your landlord refuse to pay for a grille or did he refuse to have a grille installed? Worth clarifying, in case you want to install one for your own peace of mind and convenience (it's a pain peering out from a slit in the door even if you install a chain). He may not mind a grille if you pay for it, and at least you save yourself the expense of removing it when you leave.

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