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a problem to solve...seeking friends at strange hours!

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a problem to solve...seeking friends at strange hours!

Postby gaochor » Mon, 09 Jul 2007 11:29 pm

Greetings :-)
I have got a small problem to solve and I thought this might be a place to ask since people here seem decent.

Here is the problem – I will be in SG for work 12 to 22 July. Such trips are set to occur several times a year. My working hours are such that I am mostly free during the day Monday to Friday as I work most evenings including on the weekends. On my last two trips my experience has been that it was extremely hard to meet new people due to the working hours problem.

Essentially I wish to widen (or rather develop) a social circle in Singapore- with locals and expats alike. Thus I am seeking some nice friends in Singapore who can accompany me (or for me to join existing groups) during my time off work for outings, lunch or maybe a late dinner gathering after work. Please do let me know if you are interested :-)

A bit about me, I am in my early 30’s, from Australia, single, post-graduate educated and work in the tertiary education sector. I am friendly, open minded, easy going and like exploring different cultures. I enjoy intellectual conversation, reading, photography, watching movies, travel, dining out (or in) and outdoor activities such as countryside walks, picnic and BBQ. I am not a smoker, heavy drinker or a clubber. So I prefer activities like watching movies, sharing coffee and a chat or exploring some of the hidden corners of Singapore on a food outing would be tops!

If any of this sounds good and you would like to meet up (or your group would like to invite me to join) I would love to hear from you. My MSNmessenger is athewma at hot mail dot com. Not sure I can reply to any internal message in this xpat forum yet so if you choose that method please give me an email addy.

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