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More Growth or Mere Control / Team Work or Team Spirit ?

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More Growth or Mere Control / Team Work or Team Spirit ?

Post by Shiyun » Sat, 30 Jun 2007 3:03 am

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Post by ksl » Sat, 30 Jun 2007 2:07 pm

The problem is not uncommon at all! Shiyun!
If anything you should forward your concerns to the board of directors, this would probably shake up the company a little, and you may even get a promotion! :lol:

From my point of view, it may have to do with the human resources and recruitment of sales staff.

This is a very fine and difficult job to attend to, although very necessary, if one wants to maintain profitability, it is not only the recruitment of a team, but also the continued management and monitoring control methods in place, to ensure the team is optimised.

There are simply many factors, that can effect profitability, and these most be noted and monitored.

Everyone has a different opinion of quality in a product, and one doesn't always take into consideration consumers opinions, because many companies ethics is make a fast $ and change the product, So it is very important to have a sales team, that are motivated about the product and its quality, after all, the sellers are likely to get all the crap, that comes back on them. So listening to what the sales force think of a product, is also relevant to having a sales team perform.

I myself represented digital cameras and criticized, quality in relation to price, the brand manufacturer didn't really care, because the products change on a 3 month basis, one design was total crap and consumers, were being robbed, and i pointed this out to him, especialy when the defect rate was over 80%, I told him he must take it off the market, because i will not deliberately represent crap and i would advise not to purchase this camera. he said i was emotionally involved, of which i was, BECAUSE IT MATTERS TO THE CONSUMER! It can also damage the brand name seriously enough to bankrupt, and that wouldn't be in my interest if i am making money, only the truth matters!

The problem lies with production control especially in China, were quantity and not quality is the target!

This is only one of a number of problems of team work, there are also peer pressure, private individual problems, and the list goes on, so the importance on team building in sales, must be monitored and managed effectively, to get the most out of them.

Otherwise your sales team doesn't become an asset, but a liability, that will bankrupt, most companies. man management and pyschological profiling is an effective tool, to weed out the bad eggs, but this must be done, within the probation period, and then continued performance monitoring, is required, so that one can identify any weakness in sales, and discover the reasons, for weakness, maybe the product, illness, or personal problems, lack, of motivation and feedback from managment, bonuses, pay, grudges, the list goes on.

So even though you yourself had your own company and targeted growth, you couldn't ignore your sales team, which may have been employed with the idea that a sales team is an asset, it is not an asset, people are liabilities, and should be monitored, and rewarded in accordance to their performance, if they are not performing, then they are not needed!

It doesn't matter so much about people hanging around and smoking, if they have met their sales targets, it does matter however if the team are criticising the products quality, which may also bring the company a bad reputation.
The companies ethics are one of importance to consumers, many companies are actually taking advantage of the consumer, taking the cream, i would call it, and ignoring the feedback, moving quickly onto a new product, to do the same, these companies, don't last long, but, its no hardship to setup in another name!

Happens all the time in Sim Lim Square were the sales teams are actually very very good, but with dubious ethics, to earn their bonuses.

There rewards are high, and matters not, when the complaints come in, just fold the company and start again. The people should be named and shamed, although there seems little control. But I'm sure you get my point! Sales satisfaction of the team is not a straight line!

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