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In at Tanglin ... but having doubts!

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In at Tanglin ... but having doubts!

Post by LBS03 » Fri, 29 Jun 2007 1:57 pm

Hi there,

We are in the process of moving to Singapore (from the UK) and finalising an UK curriculum oriented school for my two boys 6 and 8. We had earlier thought about Tanglin (and in-fact have confirmed places) but are now also considering Eton House (East Coast) .... would very much appreciate any feedback / thoughts?

Key dilemmas:

1. For various reasons we would like to stay in the East Coast - wondering now whether the school-run to Tanglin would be too onerous for the kids from the East Coast ...

2. A few of our UK colleagues (who have now returned back to the UK) felt that Tanglin (relative to Eton) was a ironically bit too 'British' ... to the point of providing a fairly one-dimensional cultural experience ...

3. Tanglin seems to have a much more established set-up / track-record vs. Eton ...

4. While not a big factor ... Tanglin's fees are almost double that of Eton's...

Look forward to hearing about your own perspectives / experiences...

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