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Share your qualification before you found a job in Singapore

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Share your qualification before you found a job in Singapore

Post by BHP » Tue, 26 Jun 2007 8:23 am

Hi All,

I am a newbie in this forum. I'd like to introduce my self, A Chinese-Indonesian and currently work in Ad Agency in Toronto as a media buyer. I don't have fancy qualifications such as bachelor degree or 5 yrs experience as a manager with international companies.

My qualification is a 3 years diploma in advertising from local college and 3 years experience as a media buyer in Ad Agency. Due to the work permit problem I have to leave Canada in two months. So, I am considering to try to find a job in Singapore.

I've read the posts here and many comments are negative and discouraging. Some of you have years of experiences and have two bachelor degrees or graduated from reputable university and you still can't get employment pass for reasons that I will never know.

I didn't go to university because I can't afford it, so I settled with College and work hard to earn extra income for food and texbooks. There is nothing to be proud of about my degree. I just want to share my experience here and hope that other members in this forum will share their experience with me on how did they get the job in Singapore. Especially those who are just like me, those who don't have fancy degree or experience as a VP or CEO. Just normal everyday folks who manage to conquer the impossible to find a job in Singapore.

So, please share...I would love to read your story. Thanks! Also, if you happen to know somebody hiring a media buyer or someone who work in Ad Agency, please let me know I'd like to establish a network and learn about advertising in Singapore. thanks again.

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