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Who wants to help Danielle?

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Who wants to help Danielle?

Post by ksl » Thu, 21 Jun 2007 5:58 am

This chick is really good looking and wants a husband too, I believe!

Dear sir/madam,

Plz can you help me claim some fund in my late mother's suspense account in the Bank of Africa Coted'Ivoire branch and invest it for me in a good business in your country?
My name is miss Danielle Taylor,iam 20yrs old,iam the only child of mrs.fidelia taylor the fourth wife of the former liberian president,Mr. Charles Taylor.
I and my mother have been living in Ivory coast since the year 1995 because of the political crises in our country liberia.

My mother Fidelia Taylor died in august 27th of 2006 being last year in a ghastly motor accident that involved her honda element jeep and a heavy truck around adjame at abidjan, Ivory coast here and left an acount with the sum of seventeen million united states dollars (USD17,000,000:00).

This money is part of the gain my mummy made in her Cocoa and Diamond bussines when she was alive.she had many companies in Asia and Europe she used to supply Cocoa from here in Ivory Coast and she used to buy Diamonds from Sierra Leone and Export to many countries with the influence of my Daddy when he was the president of my country.

She had many properties here in Abidjan but all has been claimed and taken over by my father's wives and their children.

My problems started immediately my mother died in a private hospital here in Abidjan last year,her corpse was flewn to my country Liberia for burial but it was rejected by the Taylor dynasty (the extended family of my father),they said that my mummy is not one of charles Taylor's wives,that my father did not marry her in accordance with the custom of our people,that it was friendship that my mummy and my Daddy was doing and for that,that she would not be buried in the Taylor family accoording to the custom of my people.after i tried all i could but to no avail because the three remainig wives of my father bribed all the elders in our family and no one was with me,my mummy was later buried in a nearby public cemetary in my Village with the suport of her friends and business partners.

so after the burial,things got more complicated,my father's wives and their children came over here to Abidjan Cote d'Ivoire and took over all the business and properties of my mummy.they said that the properties was aquired deliberately using my mother's name by my father and that the businesses was established by their husband and for that,that it all belong to them.i tried to fight them but one of my mother's lawyers adviced me not to do that for now,he said that iam too young to start prosecuting cases,that he is going to help me claim back all the properties and businesses when the time ripes for me to do so,so i took his advice and and put left everything for God for now.

For now,it is the account that my mother had with a bank here in Abidjan that contains the sum of $US17 million that is left for me because nobody knows about it,i was able to hide all the identity of the bank account from my father's wives and their children with the influence of the Bank manager because i have been going to the bank with my mother when she was alive and she introduced me to the bank manager,and since her death,he has been helping me morally and financialy.

The bank manager has adviced me to find a trusted partner in abroad to enable the money to be transfered out of the country as soon as possible before they finds out the account informations; that is where i want you to help me please,just to let this money be transfer into your account or you open a new account for the purpose of the transfer if you doesn't want to use your personal bank account number for the transfer.

The bank manager assured me that they is no risk on the transfer except that i'm going to lose atleast 15 to 20% of the money to the person it will be transfered into his or her account while 10% is to be maped out for the expenditure that might occour on the process of the transfer,and who am i to say no when i dont want to lose it all to this wicked people.

I want to let you know that i will like you to also help me to invest my own share for me in a good business in your country and be taken care of the investment for me till i can be matured enough to take care of the investment or till i marries then my husband can take care of it.

Plz take me just as your daughter,sister, or even as your wife and help me out of this situation before it becomes late.

I dont have and i don't know anyone abroad,the sadest part of it is that my late mummy who was from Uganda had never introduced me to any of her people before she died;she promised me to do so this past
christmas but then she was no more.

If you care to help me on this,mail me back urgently so we discuss more about it plz.

all i need from you is introducing yourself,country, your phone number and tell me how you are going to help me,i mean how much of the money iam going to pay you after the transfer or another alternative that you needs please.

While you are making arrangement,also consider the type of business that the money will be good to invest in your country. i will also like you to consider if your country is a habitable place for foreigners like me because i realy need to go out of this continent before my father's family members plans and eliminate me,plz iam afraid of my life now. reply me via my private msn [email protected]

Thanks for your understanding,hope to hear from you urgently.
God bless you aboundantly.

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