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anyairline with air stewardess job less strict on height?

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Post by amie_1979 » Mon, 03 Mar 2008 10:03 am

Plavt wrote:I agree with Queenie-me; amie_1979 is not being realistic, you just have to live with the fact there are certain jobs in this world you will not get - same for all of us. Moving to another country is unrealistic since even if there is a carrier that permits that height it won't be one of the international lines.

Plavt:???: I don’t care if it is Unrealistic to you, it is a reality to me. The forum is not about fitting your needs or fitting to majority people here. It is my sharing. That’s real to me.

Also people move in and move out in our world; perhaps you are too myopic in local context. Also whether my comment is unrealistic or not to you, it is not for you to judge. I believe my few posts aim to help, to share in positive light. The spirits is to encourage and speaking of my oversea F/A is my personal sharing – it is up to the people reading to judge whether that is possible to them.

It is bad you just come in and tell me off I am unrealistic. The fact is I made it. Just like saying apple has to be RED, there are people who eat GREEN apple too.

And hey, aren’t you on an airline forum? Speaking of GLOBALISATION.

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Post by higgledy » Mon, 03 Mar 2008 1:03 pm

Hi amie_1979,

If you are talking abt SIA, my recent experience was that there was this gal whom almost never get through, obviously she pinned her hair high up, & the lady asked her to take off the hairpin b4 she was measure again. She was then let in to the next round.

Another was 157cm and she was straightaway asked to leave. Imagine queuing up for couple of hrs. I do have a frd who is 157, flying w SIA for a few years.

However, I think if the height difference is too much, then I do not think you want to let the cruel fact to hit you. Good luck! :)

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Post by Plavt » Mon, 03 Mar 2008 3:39 pm

amie_1979 wrote:
It is bad you just come in and tell me off I am unrealistic. The fact is I made it. Just like saying apple has to be RED, there are people who eat GREEN apple too.
To be quite brutal you are talking nonsense! I am not judging just stating simple facts which quite apart from being stated so many times here by serving crew, you like so many poor deluded simple souls that I so often come across cannot accept. However, it should be obvious by the airline requirements that are stated on their websites and you by your own admission have stated you fail to reach! I don't see what globalization has to do with anything I wrote and as for being myopic I suggest you have a damned good look at yourself since you clearly have your head buried in the sand!

Keep living your fantasy and making your false and unfounded accusations you will be the one left crying in the end! :x

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