Condo sizes, floor plans...

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Condo sizes, floor plans...

Post by Tmm » Tue, 31 Aug 2004 7:30 pm

Hello! My family is relocating to Singapore from Rhode Island for three years (at least) beginning right after Christmas. It is my husband, myself and our six year old.

First, in the states we have a 4 bedroom house with an additional laundry room, office and playroom. As my husband will be travelling quite a bit - at least the first year, I am thinking of a condo instead of a house. Pros? Cons?

Second, how can I tell what a condo/house has for rooms besides the listing of bedrooms? I look at the listings on this site and they list the sq. footage but what does that include? Are there storage spaces for bikes, skis and other sporting goods? The same complex can list two units of the same size and be vastly different in asking price. Why?

Third, how does bussing to the schools work? Are the children picked up at a centralized location in each area? Are most children driven to school? I am looking to live closer to Newton or Orchard (or so I think at this time, I really have no definite idea at this time). Oh, our child will be going to SAS. What would the travel time be to school?

Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Post by yoongf » Tue, 31 Aug 2004 9:49 pm ... tial&id=46

Floorplan of a typical condo.

Same size vastly different in asking price becuuse higher units costs more. Also, the Interior design can vary vastly, including whether the unit comes furnished /partial or none.

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Post by Aurora » Fri, 03 Sep 2004 2:11 am

Pros to condos: Swimming pool, tennis courts, facilities, no maintenance fees (if you're renting), lots of neighbors (kids your children can play with in the compound)

Since your husband will be out of the country most of the time, you're better off with a condo, that way, you have a smaller space, unit doesn't feel so bare, you'll make more friends and less stuff to worry about.

If you are talking about the Singapore American School, the school bus actually goes island wide, so it doesn't really matter where you stay. The commute from town will probably take about 1/2 hour. But bear in mind that big units in Orchard (town) may cost quite a fair bit. So think about how much you want to spend on rental and decide where is more suitable to reside.

The admin here can help you with your search when you return. Drop an email to
Good Luck!

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Post by dragonboat » Mon, 06 Sep 2004 10:09 am

The no. of rooms stated refers to the bedrooms only. It dosen't include study or/and maid's room. You can check with your real estate agent before viewing a partucular apartment.

The distance from Newton to SAS is about 30 mins drive. Some popular condo(with the American) have direct bus service to SAS. You can request the list from SAS.

If you are bringing your furniture along, you will probably need a 4-bedroom apartment with minimum size of 2500sq. ft.

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