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Post by leesg » Fri, 31 Aug 2007 3:06 am

me... i sent my eldest niece to different activity classes for different exposures... her task is to pick up different skills to help identify ultimate interests for her future pursuits (maybe to serve her even at retirement), no need to excel (master 70% will do)....cos that's what life's all about, exposures, work hard, play hard so that no regrets ....i dont stress too much on academic excellence as i know academic education is a long journey, no point burning herself out in her first 6 yrs... academically, she's just mediocre (neighbourhood school)... by starting early, she's given many chances to fail, act stupid and practise/perfect her skills...since the people around her will be more helpful and forgiving towards a kid...

personally i think kids are too young to know what they want, as their elders, we should expose them, within own personal financial limits, and coax them into enjoying what they learn.. a lot of parents give up half way when their children start to complain and show signs of waning interest..which i think it's not so good... in everything, there're ups & downs....personal involvement and coaxing are very important to sustain a child's interest in any activities.....but dont do it with the mentality of cultivating a specific talent in your kids...exposure should be your main motivation... plus dont focus on the outcome, more on the process... very good bonding....

in a way, through this, sort of prepare my niece for her transition into secondary school life... to make up 8 subjects, i set her up with 4 "extra ccas"....ballet/swimming/piano/gymnastics till this year sailing/piano/gymnastics.. so that she wont be overwhelmed by the load in case u think i'm ambitious auntie, i'm not... i just want her to be a cook or a photographer in the future...

roughly her progress ...
3yr old - ballet ... quitted at 11, grade 5 (she likes it very much but i think there're other dances like jazz or partner dancing for her to explore)
9yr old - swimming - quitted at 11, gold (swap to sailing)
attended 1-month holiday circus class (initiation into gymnastics class)
picked up cycling
participated in 4-day get kids afloat (GKA) sailing class
attended 4-session skating lessons
10yr old - piano
10yr old - gymnastics - ongoing till today (wana try ice-skating but too far away and costly)
went for holiday horseriding in NZ (not pony)
experienced holiday snorkeling
went for occasional canoeing sessions
12yr old - sailing

presently, after her psle exam, i'm contemplating signing her up for short term regular skating classes and probably finding a jazz/wushu class for her... maybe lead her into guitar and water skiing once i figure out which of her current activities can be replaced....and perhaps some home baking fun during the many things to play and enjoy...but definitely exhausting...unfortunately i started her late at the age of 9...anyway, i'm going to plan for her 2 other siblings (3yr boy and a 2yr gal)... this time, i'm starting early...(12-3, i've 9-10yrs to play with and pace them through)..

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Post by sprite » Fri, 31 Aug 2007 6:24 am

leesg, are you this child's legal guardian? It sounds as if you must be -- you have made so many decisions for her so far.

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Post by Answers? » Fri, 31 Aug 2007 2:07 pm

wah! :shock: treat neice like maid. make sure no time for relak. anak-anak burnout by psle. downtime? only when auntie asleep ah. heaven forbid child or maid have free time. must find more to keep them busy. no wonder practice skydiving from 14th story balcony. slave driver like that i also jump! :cry:

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Post by leesg » Sat, 01 Sep 2007 2:23 am

haha... no i'm not her legal guardian... just a very hands-on aunt and play companion...

and you're wrong, she looks forward to her "ccas" on weekends cos the school is cramming them with homework... the ccas are just games ...but structured ones...i really dont like seeing kids hanging out at shopping centers alone or with parents all the time, tuition etc... they dont learn anything new... all kids should play and learn new skills to entertain themselves...not indulge in shopping, computer games and material goods etc...

if they dont start their exploration young, they'll spend the later part of their life, be it teenage or college years or working life... to experience such pursuits...some pursuits may not be available to them cos after certain age, one loses the agility and physical flexibility to cope. moreover, they may not know how to juggle these pursuits when faced with a heavier academic workload once they enter secondary schools onwards...

i think as long as kids like it, it's not too bad...

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Post by Baileys28 » Sat, 09 Feb 2008 12:22 pm

Honestly, modelling is not an easy job for kids. I work in a MNC ad agency and I worked with adult and children models. We expect the kids to perform to our expectations and they have to be on set for a whole day and still work it out the perfect expressions that we are looking for. We have rejected kids before on set just because parents wants them to be on the shoot and lie to us that their kids can swim or do certain things. As an agency, we have a timeline on our hand. We dont expect to play around with time because that would mean that the agency has to pay for overrun in time as our client will not be responsible for this.

Henceforth, what I am trying to say is, its a lot of pressure on kids also and parents should only send their kids for modelling not just because they look good but honestly they can PERFORM to EXPECTATIONS; looking good is not exactly the only way to go in this industry, because honestly, many mixed races look good and what makes your kid stand out from others besides having the looks, as parents you got to ask yourself, IS my kid up to that.

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Post by in8mom » Sat, 09 Feb 2008 10:14 pm

Ladies, ladies! Why does every post have to be a debate on how to raise children? OP asked about agencies around here and experiences, not an OPINION on whether or not children should get into modeling. :roll:

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