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Using emoticons to soften the tone of your writing?

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Using emoticons to soften the tone of your writing?

Yep, mostly to soften the tone of my writing. Only text seems cold.
I use emoticons to express emotions including pissed off too actually
I use emoticons for different reasons and occasions, such as:
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Using emoticons to soften the tone of your writing?

Postby Cuchu » Sun, 27 May 2007 8:33 am

I must admit for me personally, I use emoticons to soften the tone of my writing.
I don't use the "angry", basically the emoticons expressing negative emotions, that much at least.
But it seems, some people consider emoticons as a rather stupid or silly way of expressing things. Kind of like showing a weakness or showing you're not that strong of a person who needs to soften the tone of your writing or who needs to make the other person comfortable to give a response to what you write. Especially since the emoticons here in the forum is more of "kawaii"/cute ones. At least I got that kind of impression from some people, about showing a weakness part that is.

Do you use emoticons and if you do, why or for what purpose?
When you see one in somebody's post, does it make you feel you get a better picture cause the emotion is expressed there too? Or simply encourage you to write back cause it doesn't look so cold if the post is only text?
Ever experienced a misunderstanding with another poster about interpreting the same emoticons?

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Postby Loops » Sun, 27 May 2007 9:40 pm

they help, especially if you're taking the p!ss and you do a wink :wink: or a laugh one.

Or if you are being sarcastic and you do :roll:

confused you do :???:


Sometimes it is difficult to get across your tone as you would in a real life conversation, so that's what they help with.

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