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Post by Deefa » Sun, 03 Jun 2007 6:26 pm

Have been looking at the car ownership thing myself and have come to the personal conclusion that I am going the old car route.

My reasoning’s are such, to explain and some of them will rule some people out of a similar path, but I have done much research into this.

1 - Sadly I am a car enthusiast
2 - Singapore is a difficult place for a car enthusiast unless you have deep pockets.
3 - I am handy with a spanner
4 - Because I had nowhere to keep the stuff back in the UK I have all my car tools with me (including an engine hoist !!!)
5 - I am reasonably handy with a spanner
6 - Nothing predigest, I have just never owned a Pacific Rim car and they have never appealed to me (at least not the daily driver stuff)

These points have got me looking at mid 90's BMW 3 and 5 Series and Merc E class.

There are some complete lemons out there bit some good stuff too, I am now just being very fussy. But for under $20k you can have a BMW 520i (E34 from 1993) with COE till 2012!

Basically that’s Whats Left of the COE + Scrap / Export value. I.E. Bangernomics Singapore style.

You do need to know what you are looking at however and I have walked away from some complete nightmares!

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Wow - lots of information, thanks!

Post by kikapo » Sun, 10 Jun 2007 1:05 pm

Hello again, all

Deefa - if I ever do get a car in Sing, I might just come over and have you do the repairs :D

Huggybear - who said it's my wife? Actually, it's my husband. And unfortunately, price IS a problem as my housing allowance is limited and no transport allowance. So, I am even at this point looking into HDB and express buses.

Sadly, I am a car enthusiast myself (mostly in that I like to drive - grew up in L.A., 'nuff said). I figured Sing traffic would NOT resemble BKK chaos (nothing does - it's an entity and tourist attraction unto itself). I'll just have to resign myself to the Manhattan-type lifestyle of public trans for the next few years. If I end up staying on longer, then maybe look into the car thing.

Then again, at the rate the rents are going, maybe we should just lease a larger car to live in (just find a carpark near the food hawkers... :P )

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