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Post by jencrs » Sun, 10 Jun 2007 6:10 am

sQ-StEwaRd-ShazNi wrote:
binka wrote:How much is the pay roughly?
Hmmmm,I heard from my friend that their pay is 7K..I'm not too sure,but definitely more than what a IFS for SQ is earning.. :)
........ Definitely? Do you know what an IFS makes? All an applicant needs is to have a degree (preferably with honours) plus whatever else a flight steward/stewardess is required to have. You think SIA is going to pay $7k to fill this executive position?

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Post by vix » Mon, 11 Jun 2007 9:14 am

asia bagus wrote:actually i am interest to apply this job, but after talk to one of my friends, i had change of my mind set. she is eks cabin crew executive.

SQ from outside is very glamours, fantastic and excellent company.
But from inside, its really shit working environvement. most the team leader is bitchy, back stabbing, unfriendly environment to work for. each cabin crew will be bully. as the cabin crew executive, you will get alot of shit from those cabin crews. u need to manage their roster, complaint, brief any info need to be know.

Even as leader, mostly cabin crew wont respect the position because the culture inside SIA is very bad. also, as a new people, u need to lead those cabin crew which has been work longer than you self. so, there is a big attitude issue inside. That why my friend can not tahan and quit.

But nothing to lose to try, but be ready with the environment. if you have steady job, i wont recommend for this position
Ok, the fun part of hte job is dat u get 2 fly first, then go 2 office. if u r planning a family, dis is godsent job.

if u like flying, then this may not b for u. but most will fly for a while n then go for desk job anyway ....

aiya, every job sure got pros n cons

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