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share bathroom rule ??

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share bathroom rule ??

Postby iveney » Thu, 10 May 2007 5:41 pm

Hi All,

I & husband share a condo with a single & other couple.
That single get master room with attached bathroom.

Therefore 2 couples share for 1 bathroom.

I always make bathroom cleaning every 2 weeks, brush the floor & wall, clean mirror etc.
For that, i hang a calendar on behind of door, when i make cleaning i mark the date & write my name :cool:
Hope they will get my mind about schedule for cleaning.
I guess that wife don't understand because she speak and write in mandarin only; meanwhile i'm using english.
But that husband is local (singaporean) & fluent in english, so he can tell his wife is'n it ? :mad:
This is on third month, and i believe they never do that cleaning :cry:

Everytime after one of them take a bath, everywhere became wet ... very wet, just like if there is a rain :oops!:
There is a bathroom separator with shower inside and door to go inside.
I think they will know if they should make shower in 'that box', so 'outside the box' remain dry ... \:D/
But the fact is floor, wall and even toilet tissue that hang in the wall getting wet. Including wood table with mirror to store bath kit.

What do you think? Is it strange or i'm over irritating?


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Postby Strong Eagle » Thu, 10 May 2007 6:09 pm

I think you pleasantly but firmly stop allowing yourself to be used as a doormat. They don't clean it simply because you do and don't complain when they don't.

Instead of just hanging the schedule, bring it to them. Mark in the weeks that you will clean. Have them mark in the weeks that they will clean. Then if it is not cleaned on their day, get the schedule and remind them.

Ask them to use the shower curtain, or at the very least to squeegie the place. Tell them that if they damage anything or get the toilet paper wet they will have to pay for it.

You may be treated rudely but don't back down. Maybe you can put a lock on the door. Tell them when they start cleaning up after themselves they can use indoor plumbing.

They sound like pigs not interested in doing their part.

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Postby Loops » Fri, 11 May 2007 1:05 am

get a part time cleaner/maid - everyone shares the cost.

Flatshare is a nightmare, so if the cleaning is done by someone neutral and you all pay it will make the nightmare more bearable.

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Postby Kats_ » Fri, 11 May 2007 10:51 am

Let go of the expectations and you will be a happy man.

My flatmate's a real pig when it comes to kitchen. He wouldnt wash his own dishes and would keep everything he uses open ....salt jar, pickles jars everything open for days and go dig the same shit for the next meal next day.

I had tried speaking to him, explaining, asking him regulalrly to clean up. Use to frustrate me.

I gave up on him and quit using the kitchen. He does as he pleases and I am not complaining anymore. We are both happy.

I do the living room myself regularly since I use it and yes I do clean up his mess there each time. He has no conscience.

Thank God! We dont share the loo.

I can imagine your frustration but try giving it up. It helps.
tonton toto, ton thé t'a t-il ôté ta toux?

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Postby guruvishwanath » Fri, 11 May 2007 11:03 am

I was very fortunate. When I used to share an apartment years ago with two gorgeous but very tough girls, it was tough in the beginning. But as time went by, it became very easy. Being a guy in the midst was not easy. Believe me! You would think its a fantasy come true. But its not! :-) Not that they were wierd or anything (hey, one of them married by best friend and moved to Mexico and now she is a mother of two). :cool:

Chores were always shared. And being the guy, they used to let me do any work that required climbing ladders, plumbing, changing lights, carrying loads, chucking garbage etc. In return, the place was neat, clean, homey, smelt good and of course good food to keep me nice and fat or should I say robust. And they offered a distinct feminine touch to the place that made it really nice to come back after 14 hours of long work day. Aah! I miss those days.

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