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Melburnian thinking of taking the Singapore plunge-opinions?

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Melburnian thinking of taking the Singapore plunge-opinions?

Postby melbournepunter » Sat, 05 May 2007 1:46 pm

First post here so I hope I am not focusing on anything that has been discussed over and over again before, have read many previous posts but like many would like to put forward my individual twist on things and chances of working in Singapore.

I am currently in a front office position in the investment management industry in Melbourne. I am 34 and also have some back office experience in my earlier days. My salary is 100k inclusive of compulsory super. I also received a bonus of 35k last year.
I have a strong desire to work in singapore, more of a lifestyle decision to experience a change in lifestyle but do not want this experience to damage my career or career prospects or financial situation in a big way. That is, if I could transfer to Singapore right away on a package which made me approximately no better or worse off either way financially when taking into account currency, taxes, costs including housing etc, you get the picture, I would not hesitate one second to take up such an opportunity.

I would love to get some feedback on the dilemna I feel I have.

The chances of my current company posting me there are virtually nil.

One option is to simply quit my job in Melbourne, jump on a plane to Singapore and try my luck.

Would like to get comments/answers/opinions on below.

1) I guess one question would be what salary in Singapore dollars would APPROXIMATELY make me financially no better or worse than my package described above? (I know this can vary on my situation and tastes etc - I am single, no kids, suppose I am an average drinker and diner at restaurants, I am not too fussy at all when it comes to acommodation - convenient location but small no fuss apartment would be fine). I know this can be a tough question but guesses welcome!

2) I could potentially be willing to spend up to a year searching and doing some travels in the meantime and necessary visa runs I guess too. What sort of chance in that timeframe would I have in securing such a job? Is there a salary level below my wishes above where I could be pretty certain I could get something reasonably quickly, like within a few months of arriving in Singapore, how much lower than my wishes? I could be prepared to work for effectively less by making this lifestyle change up to a certain point, I guess my concern is the scenario where I spend a year searching for jobs at certain salary levels and don't have any luck, and have to come back to Melbourne where I started after a good break but in a worse job, less cash and back to where I started.

3) Another option is keep working in Melbourne. I am in a position to travel to Singapore say every 6 months and spend a fortnight there on holidays. Perhaps I could go through agencies in Melbourne who could tee up a few interviews to go to on my Singapore breaks. (as I expect it is extrememly difficult to expect to get a job in Singapore without having face to face interviews there first). Of course then if interviews go well on my break then perhaps I can quit my job in Melbourne with a job to go for straight away. Is this second option quite a realistic one? Or are there issues/probs with this process that may make this way of doing things quite difficult?

Thanks in anticipation for the many many wise answers I am going to get!


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Re: Melburnian thinking of taking the Singapore plunge-opini

Postby Plavt » Sat, 05 May 2007 4:05 pm

melbournepunter wrote:One option is to simply quit my job in Melbourne, jump on a plane to Singapore and try my luck.

I would advise you not to, although I do not and never have worked in Singapore I have read enough on this board to see that such act would be foolhardy. Singaporean employers have to show justification for employing a foreigner so much depends on how much your skills are in demand and whether there is sufficient local labour to match any vacancies. I suggest you read this;

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Postby melbournepunter » Sat, 05 May 2007 4:37 pm

Thanks Plavt. I can understand why you would say that, and I have read that link before posting.

I have not ruled out the option of quitting and turning up in Singapore due to my salary levels in Melbourne, and that I have a degree and also post graduate qualifications, and 14 years experience in investment management industry. I thought given these facts I may be considered as having the necessary skills that perhaps the employers in Singapore could justify that they may not be able to get from the locals? A few people have indicated to me that this may be the case but I am trying to better understand the chances to assess the potential risks I am taking, I guess that is a big part of my question.

If I stick to limiting my availability to interviews on my vaction breaks to Singapore, obviously that may be a hindrance to my chances too, I mean all the jobs that I may be suited for that I can't turn up for interviews in the meantime could mean I may never get there.

I don't have any issues if I turned up and it took me 6-12 months to find something. I guess I am wondering if I have quite a good chance to secure employment there on a package that would be "in the ball park" of what I make in Melbourne in a reasonable timeframe, i.e. wouldn't want to be out of work for over a year, I figure if it took that long there really isn't the right job for me there.

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Postby Asian_Geekette » Thu, 10 May 2007 4:15 pm

Consider applying for an EPEC (Employment Pass Eligibility Certificate). You'd have a year to apply for jobs in Singapore.

Good luck!

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Postby muratkorman » Thu, 10 May 2007 4:48 pm

EPEC is easy to apply online and they don't require lots of documents for apllication. As Asian Geekette suggests, it will give you more flexibility. I also suggest not to burn any bridges in Melbourne before finding a job here. To be in contact with headhunters would be a good start. Then you can put some interviews in a row and come for a few days. I remember there was a post about headhunters in Singapore. pLease check the forum content.

Good luck :)
With my kind regards

Murat Korman

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