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Wealth Management Executive ... seeking to work in Sing!

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Wealth Management Executive ... seeking to work in Sing!

Post by vev1970 » Thu, 26 Apr 2007 7:31 am

Hello All,

I am looking to move to Singapore. The reason for my move is twofold: First, my fiancee (a singaporean) resides and works there. Second, my background is in Wealth Management (Portfolio Consultancy), 10+ years experience; and studied at a reputable canadian university.

I have read numerous times that UBS, Credit Suisse, DeutshBank, ABN Amro, etc are all pushing or seeking to establish their lines of services in Singapore. This leads me to believe that both Local and Foreign Talent are presently needed.

Also, I have read that Manpower (MOM), is aggressive in displaying its willingness to hire non-locals. Thus, given these factors, I find it hard to get noticed with headhunters. (Mind you I am no beginner and am presently VP for a boutique style firm and deal in offshore complex high-end products (financial)). How does a candidate enter the headhunters' stream of vision, especially for a Canadian like me?

I was wondering if you could help. I have sent my resume to numerous firms (many many many times!!!!) in your vicinity and I have received little interest or very few follow-ups or not even a sign of life! In a market seeking talent, I find this a harsh reality. I understand that a sponsorship makes the path to expatriation an easier alley. That is not my case as my company has no representative office in Singapore.

What steps can I take? Is it best that I come to Singapore for 2 weeks and meet with headhunters or am I best to keep on e-mailing resumes? Please advise me.

If you kinow a suitable HH (not a company but rather an individual), please let me know. Much appreciated!

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Post by Strong Eagle » Thu, 26 Apr 2007 12:58 pm

Private financial consultancies around Singapore are about as numerous as flies on a three day old fish. I too, have read about Singapore's push to become the Switzerland of Asia. I think there are many candidates who want to fulfill that role.

What differentiates you from the herd? I think this will need to be the basis for both getting interviews and for getting an employment pass... the hiring company would have to justify picking you over a local.

If you've got a record of attracting lots of capital, have created inventive investment strategies, then you might have a shot. If you're big into Scottish Widows and Orphans funds, things might be a lot tougher.

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