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career growth

Post by question » Tue, 24 Apr 2007 7:43 pm


I m not in singapore but in europe thinking to move there next year( dont ask why , due to family reasons )
Have some questions w.r.t career growth for a person
having software skills like softwarengineering masters
degree,c++,com experience 4 years
is it possible to managerial postions after some
years of grinding in singapore ? or is it required to
have a management degree for that ?


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Post by muratkorman » Fri, 27 Apr 2007 3:23 pm

Let me share my personal opnion on this matter. I am not in IT sector, but I guess my perspective can be applicable to all fields of career.

According to your qualifications, you have already got the necessary foundation. You also have master's degree which is perfect. I don't know why many people think that getting new certificates and focusing on more education and training will improve their chances. Yes it will improve on CV elimination stage, but what companies seek is that type of person who has professional experience on the field rather than academic education supported with many certificates and so on. As long as you develop your skills and perform well, you prepare yourself for becoming a manager in the future. How can a person manage a position well if he hasn't actually worked on that field and put his hands on the job? (Actually there are brilliant managers like that but I talk about average people like myself)

My point is you don't need to get another certificate or title to become a manager. All you need is to get the experience on the job , observe a lot and prepare yourself to be a manager. Keeping that in mind you see that you start observing how your supervisors or managers react to different situations and you find yourself thinking what you would do if you were in their place. When you reach that point, it means your time is coming.

Of course, theoric education could prepare yourself for becoming a better manager, but what you read in books never show up in real business life and that is the reason why successful managers learn management while they work, not from books or case studies.

Good luck with your career.
With my kind regards

Murat Korman

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