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Post by Taos » Tue, 24 Apr 2007 1:37 pm

Im having a hugh problem with cockroaches. I was told that living near a food court is the problem. That might be so but I have not had such a problem before so clearly there has been massive breeding and insufficient control by the authorities.

I dont think they realise how serious the problem is. Over the past one month i have killed at least 6-15 roaches a day!! After endless complaining they fumigated the area and that brought in even more!! Two weeks after that, TODAY they did another round and my flatmate said there are at least 50-60 roaches in our 2nd floor HDB flat. No matter how clean i keep my flat, these things still come in from outside.

Ive told the NEA that there really is a serious problem on the whole island because for all the years i have lived here no matter where i was there was always a problem and i dont think they take it seriously. In fact one of the officers said he "found no roaches at the construction site nearby" after i complained that the dig up would have made them all scoot into our homes.

Are there others with this problem? Please write in to this thread and let me know where you live and what problems you have had with cockroaches because I need to send this information to the higher authorities or the press. Thanks.

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