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Death condemn

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Death condemn

Post by Asdracles » Mon, 23 Apr 2007 1:54 pm

Want to share with you a joke I tried yesterday. Perhaps translation is not too good, but hope you can understand it :D

3 people are condemned to death, in the last day of application of death penalty in one country. They were a spanish, a french and .... (you can add location name or role that you want).

As was the last day, the judge allows them to choose the way: Guillotine, Hanging or Electric Chair.

The spanish man thinks about that... "Mmmm, hanging is horrible. So much pressure in my neck, no, no. Guillotine, my head rolling on the floor, no, no. So I prefer the Electric Chair". He sits in the Electric Chair, and when turned on, it seems not to work.

"Ok, mate, as good wish day, and in the last day of death penalty, due to this problem you can save you life!"

The spanish guy go out and whisper to the french "Electric chair doesn't work!". "Thanks, mate!"

So when the french man is asked about his preference, he answers: "No hanging, ties are already a torture for me. Guillotine, no! Even knives scare me. I choose the Electric Chair". Again , it doesnt work and the french man saves the life.

The french guy also whisper to the third man when going out "Electric chair doesn't work!". "Thanks, mate!"

And when this final guy is asked about favourite option, he answers:

"Well, Hanging is so horrible.... Electric chair doesn't work, so Guillotine!"

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