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Re: roster

Post by ntyj » Fri, 25 May 2007 7:28 am

buzzzybeebee wrote:
ntyj wrote:
buzzzybeebee wrote: Really?? Wow... one month in advance... Can change flight somemore. But are there any restrictions when changing flights? For example, do they penalise u if u change flights too often?

Oh yah, not sure if u can advise me on this, do flight stewardess have annual leave?? If yes, how many days per year?? Are we allowed to take leave during probation period??
we can only change flights after we clear probation....
ul get to noe the crew style of changing roster when u start changing.....not really restrictions also...its issues between crew and crew...
we have a total of 20 times to change flights in a year...

yesh we have annual leave..
forget how many already....21?
haha...i jus take it whenever i was allocated.......

no u cant take leave during probation...
they will either give u ur pro rated annual leave after u graduate or either after ur probation finish......................
Allocated? U mean we can't choose the dates to take leave??

Btw, our pro-rated annual leave is based from the day we start our training? Or from the day we start our probation??
erm.....u may apply for block leave too...but mus plan it like a year before...i think..........
holiday mths are sure up for grabs..so yeah....

pro rated leave starts form day of training...

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