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owner selling condo - give viewing 3 days/wk - breaking law?

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owner selling condo - give viewing 3 days/wk - breaking law?

Post by iis » Mon, 16 Apr 2007 12:54 pm

My landlord trying to sell the condo I rent. However, as he has many many agents, on first week of april, viewing were almost everyday, sometimes 2-3 times a day. I fed up, consult the expat forum, it seems that I have my right to state my convenient time

So, Today I gave him the timing for viewing: Monday & Wednesday 14.00-16.00, Saturday 11.30-13.30.
He's unhappy with the schedule and threaten me that he will ask his lawyer to settle it & I must pay damages (if applicable)

Not only that, last week I was out of the country for 1 week, told his agents few days before & told him on the day we left.
He was very mad, he wants to break in, threaten to call the police, angry with my agent...
Knowing his crazy attitude, before I leave, I left a key with my nephew in case something urgent come up.
So last week, my (poor) nephew on behalf of us, were very accomodative with him, everytime people wants to come to view the house, my nephew comedown, to open the house for his agents.

Now, I'm telling him that my convenient time is as the above, he threaten me that he's going to call lawyer.
Afterwards, I also told him, if the timing is not suitable for him, please let me know so I can try to suit to my schedule ( because I'm also busy with my children schedule, school, tuition etc)

I'm really upset with this situation, as a foreigner I don't know who to ask, I've consult my agent, she said I didn't breach the contract, but didn't know the consequences with legal matters.

Anybody know about the legal issue on this matters? I felt that paying the landlord rent is useless as he treats me as if I'm oblige to do whatever he wants.

Who can help me on this matter?

I don't know whether he's only threatening me by saying he wants to call his lawyer, however I felt I had enough with this guy, he always threaten me to call lawyer/police everytime we have problem. I don't want to argue with him, therefore I always give him what he wants. He has given me emotional hardship eversince I rent his place, and on top of everything I felt I have done nothing wrong, if he wants to call lawyer because of this matter. I'll fight back until the end. :mad:
Not because I want to, but to give lesson to people like this, as this type of Singaporean may think they can threaten foreigners because we don't know Singaporean law etc. and they can force us to do whatever they want.

As most people who rent houses here are expats, I think we need somekind of 'helpline' / guidance to prevent this things happens to other expats.

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