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Postby IceMilo » Sun, 11 Mar 2007 8:37 am

I felt compelled to raise this up when I see the kind of stuff that qualifies for "art" these day.

No doubt, they are called performing art, but is there anything artistic in a guy laying a row of bricks across a busy street in Shanghai? Or a naked guy painted in green climbing up onto the flagpole?

To me, these are nothing more than just attention grabbing stunts, out to create shock in the audiences. But surprisingly, they get featured in well respected art magazines!!

And when an artist create a piece of art, does he or she think about the meaning behind it? Or does spontaneity rule the day?

Whenever we read of the so called 'meaning' behind a painting, is this just some crap created by the agent or promoter to sell the art?

So what's your take on the direction of "art" in the 21st Century?

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Postby Oria » Sun, 11 Mar 2007 9:59 am

Haven't you heard that it's a fine thin line that separates art and rubbish? 8-)
Sometimes I see paintings in mixed medium that can really wow me, at other times, i scream (inwardly) this is rubbish!

Anyway, I have artist friend who creates artistic home products like lights, chairs etc. And he definitely put a lot of thoughts into what he does.

So sometimes spontaneity rules. But is it same like when a 5 yo holding a crayon for the first time?

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Postby ksl » Sun, 11 Mar 2007 11:31 am

Wll a good artist in my opinion is able to create is own signature, for recognition!

They aim is to be individual, artistic interpretation, comes from within, some have more creative minds than others, imagination, on canvas, is different too, 3D matrix transformmation from a green man, to a flag pole, we all see things from different angles!

I can remember a controversial artist using dead pigs and meat from the slaughter house, it was quite revolting, although it does attract attention and are indeed, in my opinion marketing stunts, for world wide recognition.

You may remember certain brand name clothing companies, using the same tactics, to attract attention , to their brand! There is an art in it!

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Postby huggybear » Sun, 11 Mar 2007 8:41 pm


u shouldn't be buying art because someone else is telling you it's good. you should be buying art that appeals to you ... something that you look at and think is beautiful because after all it's gonna be you staring at it the most.

as for controversial art. even the "masters" when they first came out were pretty much hated by art critics and most didn't achieve fame until late in life or after death.

also keep in mind that for every time period there were probably thousands upon thousands of artists out there making "art." most likely ... most of it was garbage...but every so often you get a real gem of an artist. think about music. people already reminisce about 80s music...but if you actually lived through the 80s there was so much garbage on the radio as well as what are now considered to be classics.

back to art. someone such as pissaro was persecuted by art critics because he didn't paint traditional subjects such as religious themes, portraits or still lifes...he painted "real life" scenes of cafes in paris that had hookers and normal peasants drinking beer.

so if you're an artist today... how are you to push the envelope even further? so for instance...what do you think of jackson pollack or mark rothko? they don't even paint subjects...but still i think they are beautiful pieces. i love mark rothko's pieces for their simplicity and color choices. is a mark rothko easy to replicate at home? yes and many people do.

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Postby Snowfly » Thu, 15 Mar 2007 1:33 am

what qualifies for art these days...that's a tough one.

i guess most people would place importance on thought provocation and emotional value over aesthetics.

most artists i know are devoted to life study and technique, like the old masters, and for sure invest plenty of thought into their works. but i'm fairly sure they will find their way into any 'serious' art collector's gallery. i'm not exactly sure what art critics are worth... :p

here is a link to one of my favorite artist's blogs, a french guy named nicolas bouvier. can you guess where his work can be seen? that's right...videogames. (he works entirely in photoshop)

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