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fully furnished (f/furn) vs partially furnished (p/furn)

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fully furnished (f/furn) vs partially furnished (p/furn)

Post by nathalie » Mon, 26 Feb 2007 5:32 am

Hello (1st post)….. need help

I’m trying to get a definition of fully furnished (f/furn I guess) vs partially furnished (p/furn).

We plan to stay 6 months (at least ) in Singapore (2 + 3 kids). So we are looking at a furnished apartment / town house (preferred). But furnished with bed, table, sofa, carpets, kitchen dishes etc….how is that called/described on the web site?

The Service Apartments seem (i) expensive (ii) small (iii) often miss balcony (at affordable prices) or some “green” so we would prefer some “town house” but fully furnished (like Service Apartments).

Any ideas? Tips? Recommendations?

Many thanks for your time,

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fully furnished/part furnished

Post by lost_canuck » Mon, 26 Feb 2007 9:13 am ... rental.htm

near the bottom of the page it tells you what it is..

Serviced apartment is your best bet if it is less that two years, as most leases run for two years.

Other apartments do not come with dishes etc, and even fully furnished is not necessarily all the furniture.

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Post by silverfern » Mon, 26 Feb 2007 9:31 am

Fully furnished includes furniture and appliances (whiteware) usually washing machine, dryer, fridge and maybe dishwasher. Partially furnished includes appliances only. Serviced Apartments have everything you need including dishes, towels, sheets etc and are serviced daily.

All accommodation in Singapore is expensive and for 6 months you probably need to look at Serviced Apartments as most leases are for 2 years. Try further from the city for cheaper serviced apartments such as Redwood and I know there is some in Butik Timah which are reasonable. They are negotiable for longer terms although are tough to find without booking well in advance.

Or find an apartment/townhouse and buy everything cheaply from IKEA or similar. For the amount you spend monthly on a serviced apartment you could furnish a pproperty easily.

As for balcony and green space, space is at a premium in Singapore and are luxury items. You will find it but you will also pay for it.

We spent a couple of months in various accommodation whilst trying to secure a property here so have researched thoroughly. Set your budget, with some flexibility and talk to agents, check out papers, websites regularly. Some people travel and rent out their space for short periods but these usually rent quickly as they are sort after and are though word of mouth.

Good luck

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