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SPG article in Real Magazine

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SPG article in Real Magazine

Postby Bubbles » Tue, 24 Aug 2004 6:32 pm

Hi Everyone
I've just read an article in this week's Real Magazine entitled 'Singapore Flings.' It crosses lots of threads we've all discussed here on the forum before and I just wondered if any of you have read it? And what you think?
I must say it paints Singapore in a slightly different light than the rest of the world thinks it's painted in. Yes, all they say does go on in Singapore, but I think lots of the UK will be quite surprised by what's said. The gist of the article is about expat men picking up local girls when they're away from the UK. Most of the article is about married men, and how the SPG's only want the five C's.........Car, condo, Credit Card, Club and Caucasian. Talk about putting people into boxes. Not sure if most people reading it will have the sense to know that not ALL local girls are like that. It also slags off us UK women no end. Talks about us being fat, grasping, and if I read it right, no good in bed!!!!!!!!
Well, I can't speak for the last one, but hell!!!!........we do have slim, cute expat women too and I'd like to get my hand on the writer who put such a slant on us Brit or Expat females. Anyway, maybe it's available on the web, its called Real magazine, and if you can get it up on screen, let me know what you think. Thanks.

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