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Housing and part time maid

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Jelly Bean
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Housing and part time maid

Post by Jelly Bean » Wed, 14 Feb 2007 3:54 pm

I am going to relocate to SG with my preschooler. I knew from a SG friend that renting a whole flat of 2 br or 3 br HDB is not easy as the owner would usually lock 1 room to reserve for him/herself. Would this mean that the chances for me to rent the whole HDB flat equal to 0? or I still stand for a chance if I am lucky?

I am most likely going to stay in the west coast, possibly Jurong West or Bukit Batok. Anybody know about this in that area? Some suggested me to try condo but I don't think I can afford though if there is a big gap between them. :(

Regarding the maid, I am looking for a part time maid to fetch my dd after school and babysit her till evening. Most SGporeans hire Indonesian maid around the clock, will it be difficult to look for a local part time maid for my situation? If yes, how much should I expect to pay for that?

Jelly B

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Post by David91 » Thu, 15 Feb 2007 3:38 am

You will be pleased to know that landlords do not have to lock one room if they have approval for the letting. I haven't been to Bukit Batok for a while (my family used to live there in the 1980s) but, as with many older housing stock areas, the HDB flats are more spacious than in the areas more recently developed. I would be surprised if you found any difficulty in finding a 3 or 4-room flat in that area for rent.

Finding a part-time "maid" is a more interesting question. Most of the better maid agencies offer some form of nanny/babysitter/caregiver services. The going rates start around $10 per hour and go up depending on the age and experience of the persons you select and where the services are offered (i.e. in your home or at a centre). This is not really the best place to discuss the difference in cultures between the different national groups. Some groups are more service oriented and more "family friendly" than others. I hope you will have a few days to settle into Singapore before you start work. During this time, you can meet a range of different people and make a decision with greater confidence.
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