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Genuine VS Quality Service in Singapore

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Postby Plavt » Tue, 13 Feb 2007 7:20 pm

Sms has some well valid points exactly the same situation exists here in the UK; employers so obsesed by profit look to pay the lowest wages possible. The result is such jobs go to people of either poor abilities or immigrants whose command of English language is so poor they are unable to acquire the more desirable and better paid jobs. In addition many immigrants are also hampered by poor qualifications or those that are not recognized by the UK government.

As a consequence of the above there are areas of service where people simply don't care about the job it is just a means to exist and even worse many have been tempted to come to Britain by false promises.

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Postby one843 » Wed, 14 Feb 2007 11:58 am

Quality service, genuine service. The difference is one is taught the other is personal choice.
It really doesnt matter to me as long as I get my Pepsi at least 5 min after I order it, and if I ask for no black pepper sauce on my steak and the waiter repeats that to me then please give me a steak without black pepper sauce.
If you do that for me I will leave you a token of my appriciation in the form of cash.

Last weekend I arrive in Singapore at 7pm flying in from India. Went directly to the east coast sea food center. Ordered our food which each dish came evey 15 min. After 45 min. I asked about my fried noodles and was told another 15 min. To me 1 hr for fried noodles was not acceptable.
It took 30 min to get steamed rice. Amazingly the fish and prawn took half the time the noodle and rice took.
This also plays into the realm of quality service.
Food bad or slow coming will also result in no tip. Not only that but I will never spend another dollar at that establishment.
I have been on this side of the world for 1 year now and the best service I get is at the coffee shop under the HDB by my condo. And at the canteen by the office. Aslo when I am in India the service is excellent.
So i get great service from 5 different places here. They are 2 Singaporean, one Indian, one malay, and one Myanmar.

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