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Some advice needed on package structure

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Some advice needed on package structure

Post by anolnu » Sun, 14 Jan 2007 5:44 am

My company would send me to Singapore as an expat. In the package they offer housing with 4 rooms in my case (2 adults + 2 children). Alternatively allowance. My question: should I expect a bungalow in the 10-11-21 districts or a more distant flat for company paid housing?

Secondly. My company would pay 80% of my children's daycare and school in private school. What would be my 20% in $ in an English school?

Could someone give me a proxy of purchasing power in Singapore? Say, if you would get anything from phone calls, newspaper, insurance and food to train ticket, movie ticket etc. and need 1 unit of currency to pay that in your home country, how much would you need to get the same in Singapore? 0.5 times, 2 times the same currency or what? Pls, name the country you're comparing to.

I would be very happy with some help. Thanks for the guidance!

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Post by ChicagoMike » Thu, 18 Jan 2007 3:37 pm

can't be of much help with your questions, but you may find the cost of living calculators on this site to be helpful: ... ol&lang=en

or the Indexes of Living Costs Abroad available here:

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