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Post by is_sing_my_home » Mon, 08 Jan 2007 6:46 pm


Que1)I would like to know about the working hours in singapore
Is it true that it is 44 hrs/week, is it allowed to distribute
it in 5days ?
And how many days are given holidays for an year ?

Que2)As far as i researched about singapore,it seems to be a
very good place for career prospects in IT and elctronics,
has anyone comments on this issue?

Que3)And is there any difference working of an big company
like dell compared to small companies,with respect to
job/work load ?


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Post by mho » Fri, 12 Jan 2007 11:15 pm

1> Most cos here have 40 hour work week - not including lunch break. But dont kid yourself , anywhere you go in the private sector , your actual working hours will depend on your equation with your boss

2> IT (banking) and electronics(semiconductors) - sure lots of options. If you have specific concerns easier to answer them

3> You are always better off working with an MNC , large Singaporean co better than a smaller one. Thats ranking is for salary+working hours

Hope that helps

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