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Currently in taipei

Post by ecoli » Sat, 06 Jan 2007 1:53 pm

Hi Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am here in taipei.....
4th Jan - I arrived taipei on 4th Jan. My first stop was to go to check in a hotel that Dr chuang from Wishclinic recommended that was deja vu hotel.

5th Jan - I arrived at Dr chuang Clinic before 12... I filled up the particulars and later about 12 plus I was then invited to Dr chuang's office. Dr chuang, yes was indeed a very nice and patitent guy.. After a few emails to him, he did asked me again to confirm which type of cut I wanted for my eyes and nose... For my eyes and nose, I would like to have Michelle Reis's look.. so after much discussions I did a medium parallel crease with kai yan tou and also for my nose, I did my alar base, tip and bridge..
At first I do not want to change the alar base because I do not want to change my whole identity.. But after much discussion, Dr chaung mentioned that my nose would not look as good if the alar did not
change..As for my bridge, Dr chuang said that I have high nose bridge liao, so I need a little will do. As for my hard bone on the nose I need to shave a little coz there is a bump there. My main concern is my bulbous nose.. I want to look slightly smaller and added a little tip will do..

After summarizing eveything with Dr chuang, he did ask me what else I want to ask him.. I said no... Actually I did not discussed with him for example the height for my nose and etc... I leave everything to him to do...even If i want a high nose, it does not mean it is suitable for me.. So i let him do that suits my face..

For my eyes - Korea mini incision
For my nose - Bridge, tip and alar ( L implant with own nose cartilage)

* So funny - one of the nurses in the operation room ask me if i am doing a reversion for my nose.. I laughed it off...

Anyway, I do not want to be the chiou bu type.. dun wan to be extremist.. I just want to look defined and nice will do...

6th Jan - Today is my second day of my surgery. My eyes are really swollen and bruise.. but still ok... nose and eyes not painful... keke.. My nose looks large and funny.. but can see that my alar is smaller.. I do not know how high my bridge is.. it seems like the same as before.. but the tip and alar are change even though my nose is swollen... I hope that my bridge is little higher than before will be ok liao.. haha

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