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jobs for dependants pass holders

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jobs for dependants pass holders

Post by basil » Tue, 12 Dec 2006 2:50 pm


apologies for such a newbie question but I'm on a dependants pass and I've just started looking at jobs online.

I thought it was going to be straightforward in the sense that I would be given a letter of consent to work once I receive a job offer.

However all the jobs seem to mention singaporeans or EP holders only.

I am also a bit stuck as to where to search. I used to be an area manager in the UK for 8 years working in retail and hospitality industries, I do not have a degree though.
I am happy to change to do an office based job, clerical etc or something for a bank as I dont think my previous role particularly exists here. I also don't want to work weekends anymore.

What sort of job roles may be open to a Uk spouse on a dependants pass with no degree?

thanks for any help

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Post by mun_vn » Sat, 03 Mar 2007 3:38 pm

Hi basil,

You probably have found a job already but I just want to answer in case you or any other Dependant's Pass holders may need it.

As a DP holder, you still can apply for tons of jobs out there (except for those jobs that specify that "Only Singaporeans and PR need apply"). I am a DP myself and English is not even my native language.

You have English as your first language ( I just assume from reading your posting), and your experience, I believe you can land a good job here. A lot of job does not require a degree.

Once you get the offer, your employer will ask you to fill in a Letter of Consent (you can go online and find out what it is). The company then put down its stamp and submit the Letter for you.

It takes about 3 working weeks to get the letter approved. From what I know, it's unlikely that the Letter will be disapproved.

Good luck!

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Post by kvellur » Tue, 06 Mar 2007 7:37 pm

Thank you, I really needed that info, as I am looking for a job myself.

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