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Need Help!!!!!!

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Need Help!!!!!!

Post by buddy » Sat, 09 Dec 2006 5:54 am

Hi every one out there desperately needs Help!!!!!

I’m Singaporean had marriage a Filipina wife here in Singapore without knowing that need to check with MOM for approval of marriage. Cause she had previously working here and hold work permit. subsequently after marriage she has apply for long term social visit pass which has not approve by ICA case of reason given that she had contravened the work permit Marriage Restriction administered by Ministry of Manpower. Apparently we had wrote to appeal MOM & ICA regarding this matter which that we has negligent on our part to proceed to Registry of Marriage without firstly to check with the respective departments and authorities concerned and also went to MP for help to requested for appeal regarding this matter. For number of time till to day MOM has rejected again this case. And was told by ICA to send her back to her country. And band her from coming here? Currently she had gone back her homeland. And we are separated. I would appreciated if any one know MOM or CIA officer which able to help. Or any recommend lawyer that can solve this problem. really need any advice please? Thanks


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