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CPF for EP

Post by Ozzie2007 » Thu, 07 Dec 2006 5:49 pm

I am looking at my new contract and employer wants to be able to recover any payments that may be required for CPF. If I am not a PR but just use an EP each year (3 year contract), will I be required to make CPF contributions. Plus does the employer have to kick in and can they legally recover any contribution they have to make? I believe that I can get the money when I repatriate home, is this also true?

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Post by Strong Eagle » Thu, 07 Dec 2006 6:38 pm

EP's cannot contribute to CPF, even voluntarily.

Q: Are there any exceptions to the payment of CPF contributions for employees?

A: Yes, please refer to the list of exceptions below:

a) Foreigners on Employment Pass, Professional Visit Pass or Work Permit

CPF contributions are not allowed for foreigners. Both the employer’s and employee’s contributions for foreign employees on Employment Pass, Professional Visit Pass or Work Permit will be rejected.

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Post by jpatokal » Thu, 07 Dec 2006 8:13 pm

The clause in your contract is there in case you become a PR while employed for them. Strictly speaking, it's probably illegal (employer contributions should be paid by the employer, not you), but it's common practice anyway.
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