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Life after Cabin Crew

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Life after Cabin Crew

Post by angel_cambiel » Mon, 04 Dec 2006 8:43 pm

Hi! I would like to check whether anyone knows about what age does a cabin crew retire from her position? Will she be given a ground crew position automatically or would she have to try her luck and search the career section for availability of other positions?

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Post by shidal » Tue, 05 Dec 2006 12:58 am

usually after , u cant really do much (ya, u can go back ground but still airline work)

that's y once ur this field , you will more /less stuck in the company

because ur used to it ..accordig to many friends
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Post by corines143 » Tue, 05 Dec 2006 1:31 pm

hi there

Actually you can do alot after serving as cabin crew. dont let what others say discourage you if it is your dream to fly.
You see different ppl hear differnet things everywhere. I hear good things abt cabin crew after they retire from flying. you can fly as long as you want IF you maintain your looks and you keep grooming yourselves. Girls turn to makeup and guys naturally look young even when they are in their late thirties if you control your diet and keep up with the trends. this is very true as I have seen many of my guy friends in their forties but still looking young and vibrant.

actually its all in your head and how much you want this job. without even stepping out, you have started to worry and question. why dun you try going for the interview first. stop thinking so much cos that gets you no where. my friends who have stepped down from flying have applied jobs as trainers and consultants in some customer service roles and they are even highly regarded as the cream of the crop becos they are from SIA. Others have continued to work as ground crew becos they still like the idea of working in the airport. they are seniors there, some as cabin executives and some others in retail at the airport.

lastly to conclude, everything has its pros and cons. but fromy my point of view many view the airline industry as a temporal job and it is not a long time career but for me i am lookin at it as my future career. one where i can climb up and learn and be customer oriented as much as I can as this is my focus and i wont let anything get in my way. hope i have given you a positive outlook of the industry.

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