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Australian Dream - An illusion?

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Australian Dream - An illusion?

Postby G8 » Thu, 19 Aug 2004 5:15 pm

The Australian Dream may only be an illusion after all.

After 9 months of job searching and tons of applications, my husband is still not able to find a suitable job. He was an engineer before the move to Melbourne in November last year and now he is working as a technician in the rural region and hoping to find an Engineering job. He feels very frustrated and does not know why it is so difficult to find one as Electrical/Electronics Engineer was one of occupations listed on the "sought after" list. Before he want there, we were all quite optimistic as the career website has loads of jobs. Now, we realised that this may not be what it seemed to be. We are really disappointed. I think the employment agencies have some degree of discrimination. We are really at our wits end now.

Has anyone had the same experience, and how did you overcome this problem?




Postby galactico » Sun, 22 Aug 2004 9:43 pm


i ventured forth into aust about 2 years ago and initially i found it hard to get suitable employment ( I had my aussie CPA qualiifcations b4 i arrived). It took me about 8 months before I got my footing. In the meantime, I took up contract positions to show recruiters i wasn't juz hanging around.

it is definitely harder if you are not in melb and syd, the quality jobs are just not in perth, brisbane etc.

i know of many poms, sth africans etc who found it hard in the beginning to get jobs, some of these guys are highly qualified but for some mysterious reason, aussies will discount yr overseas experience even if you had been working in some financial hotspot like london etc. I'm assuming that u mentioned the job agencies discriminate on the basis of race but my experience tells me this discrimination applies to all nationalities whether u are white, yellow, brown. they juz want aussie experience period.

yr story is not uncommon but don't give up hope, yr break will come sooner or later, u may have to lower yr sights in the short term but if u persevere hard enuff and with some luck and talent, i am sure yr husband will find his spot in aust

good luck


Postby G8 » Mon, 23 Aug 2004 4:59 pm


Thanks for the encourangement. I guess we will have to hang on then. Hopefully we will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel soon. :roll:


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