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motorbike license

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motorbike license

Postby ploclelapin » Wed, 29 Nov 2006 6:05 am


i'm french and then i have a french motorbike license.

is it easy to buy a motorbike in SG and usefull (frequent rainfull i have heard) ?

not too expensive ?

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Postby bigfilsing » Wed, 29 Nov 2006 1:54 pm

Bikes are cheap here, in comparison to Europe. So are parts and servicing. There's loads of 400 cc bikes so they are real cheap. Bigger R1's, GSXR's are neat but a pain in the arse around town ( stop start traffic) Pleanty of new and second hand shops here too. You might want to rent ( even a scooter) for a while first to see if you like Singapore traffic. The cars can be a bit inconsiderate towards bikes so it can be a bit dangerous if you dont pay attention or know what you're doing.

as far as i know you can ride on your french licence for 30 days as a tourist. After that you have to go to the traffic police to see how to get a Singapore licence. You may have to take a theory test. Not sure!

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Good Luck

Grim Reaper
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Postby Grim Reaper » Wed, 29 Nov 2006 2:44 pm ... ersion.htm

Here you find all details needed, you will need to convert your licence and do a theory test, which is an easy job.

Bikes tend to be less expensive here than in Europe in most cases. Be aware that it is a densely populated city with intense traffic and people here really do not care about bikes in traffic, drive careful and be alert twice as much as back in Europe.

I recently bought a bike and must say I still enjoy it, despite all described. Rain is not a problem, same as back n Europe, just more volume! :D

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Postby bigfilsing » Wed, 29 Nov 2006 3:18 pm

Dear Mr Reaper. Dont be so grim! Lighten up was a joke.

You must admit some of your chapter brethren take it a bit far.
I look ridiculos in my full race leathers too :D

Ride safely ...thats the most important

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