Class Act

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Class Act

Post by EADG » Fri, 24 Nov 2006 10:56 pm

saw the new Bond movie last night

when it comes to 007 I'm a bit of a purist, basically nothing but Connery works for me

but the new film is a departure from the caricature that has become Bond movies over the past two decades, I guess it was about as accurate a transposition of the old Bond into the current age

it's a pretty good movie, and put the class back into Bond where it belongs

too bad the usual Singapore Cinema fun & games distracted from the experience - I've been to many movies here, this was definitely the coldest! So cold that my feet were cold a half hour later, so cold that a young local girl had her literally teeth chattering when we left

but to make it worse, the exact moment the movie ended, and just before the credits started, the light went suddenly on, blasting all of us in the eyes with bright spotlights (not the ones on the ceiling or walls) - it made everyone just want to run out of there like animals (of course what they intended)

Suntec Eng Wah Theatres, you're a real class act (not!)....I'll think twice before going back there

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