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A Little Professional Help Needed.

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A Little Professional Help Needed.

Post by RobDartnall » Tue, 21 Nov 2006 11:59 pm

Hello Everyone!
I am currently a Finance Broker in the role of a Business Development Manager. I have had my heart set on moving to Singapore for a couple of years, howver due to one of lifes blows it has been put on hold untill recently. I have spent alot of time looking at recruitment in Singapore but have found applying for a position without an EP, some what of a headache. However, as you are aware I cant get my EP without first getting a position. What makes matters slightly worse is my career and current role was achieved through career progression rather than an MBA or university degree. (Yes, a bit regret!)

What I was looking for was help with...

Does any body know of a perticularly good recruiment agency that would look to place somebody like myself?
Does anybody know of any companies that would recruit from the UK?
Even better, does anybody work for a company that would?
Has anybody been in this position and is now in singapore. Even if you cant help, knowing that it is possible would bright a large smile and sigh of relief!

Unfortunatly I now work for a small Independant finance house based only in the UK, so an internal move is not an option.

I really would, very much appreciate any information here.

Kind Regards,
Rob Dartnall.

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