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Interested to become a SQ FA

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Interested to become a SQ FA

Post by Joycee » Tue, 21 Nov 2006 9:11 pm

Hi all,

I am a newbie to this website. I have went for the recruitment exercise a year ago. However, I only managed to get to the 1-to-1 interview. The interview was then held near Changi at the training centre.

I was told that there will be 4 parts to the entire interview.
1) 10 person interview
2) 1-to-1 interview
3) kebaya testing
4) Water confidence

Just to ask, will there be a management interview too? I heard from friends that there will be a interview held by a panel of top management.

Also, my friends told me that too small-sized girls are less lightly to be selected. Back then I was 165cm/45kg. And I was not selected. My friend who was 16cm but 48kg got to the kebaya test and was out too. The person told her that if she gains another 2kg within the next 3 weeks, she can come back and SIA will accept her. How true is that?

Another friend who just got in SIA, mention that the kebaya test eliminated the most number of girls. What are they really looking for? Do they use spotlights to check your hands for any scars and spots?
(I actually saw some SQ girls have moles on their faces, why they still get through?)

Thanks, hope some of you can help me with my doubts as i will be reapplying soon.


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