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Post by Rockfan » Thu, 23 Nov 2006 8:11 pm


I like yr avatar (cool n funny) n what you said about women's rights.

I have some old fashioned ideas but they don't fit in today's world.

I would love to be a housewife who stays home. I prefer household chores to working outside the home.

I feel good when the guy opens the door for me or takes care of the bill.

Sadly I still have not found a husband who would do these things. The men I've met prefer career women. I hold a Master of Commerce from an Australian university but I don't enjoy working.

BTW, I m Chinese. Is there any way I can meet a suitable India guy?
I read all the requirements you wrote about marriages in India. I will NOT need all these green card n transfer of money things etc.

I just want someone who wants to marry soon.

I've met Aussie and Singaporean guys but they are not compatible with my way of thinking. People in Singapore constantly hassle me to go to work.

I m willing to move to another country if my husband wants.

I m not interested in being equal to men.

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Husbands fall prey to anti-dowry law

Post by Dickson » Wed, 13 Dec 2006 7:22 pm

Husbands fall prey to anti-dowry law

Posted online: Wednesday, December 13, 2006 at 1014 hours IST
Updated: Wednesday, December 13, 2006 at 1033 hours IST

New Delhi, December 13: Husbands are becoming victims of an anti-dowry law which is being misused by their wives to extort money, a group representing men who have been accused of dowry abuse said.

Members of -- a group representing thousands of men and their families named -- claim there are growing numbers of false cases being registered under the anti-dowry law or Section 498a of the Indian Penal Code that seeks to protect women.

"There are thousands of men and their families who are victims of the abuse of this law, who are locked up in jail and undergo severe mental, emotional and financial and social trauma as a result," Anupama Singh, a member of, named after the dowry law informed.

Singh said the main reason for registering false cases was to extort money, or gain custody of children during divorce.

The number of false cases against husbands was growing by 20 per cent every year as "unscrupulous women are realising there is a money to be made by the divorce industry," she said.

According to statistics obtained from the ministry of home affairs, 18 per cent of the 58,319 cases of dowry abuse registered in 2005 were dropped due to frivolous grounds.

But women's rights activists say there is no clear statistics to prove that law which came into force in 1983 is being intentionally abused.

"489a is one of the most important tools in the hands of Indian women who have suffered abuse," said Yogesh Mehta, legal officer for the National Commission for Women.

"The Commission is of the view that so far we don't have clear statistics that the law is being intentionally misused."

Police say the most common form of domestic violence is dowry-related and that there one case of cruelty committed by the husband or his relatives every nine minutes in the country.


But says the anti-dowry law, as well as a new domestic violence act which came into force in October is biased in favour of women as no evidence is required by the wife to prove that she has been harassed or abused.

"Under the law, the accused can be arrested and jailed without warrant or investigation, the complaint cannot be withdrawn by the petitioner and it is non-bailable," said JK Grover, a member of

"It's ridiculous. We don't want to scrap the laws, we just want to ensure that it is fair and balanced. The government needs to plug all the loop holes in both the laws."

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