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Nose Implants @ SGH

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Nose Implants @ SGH

Post by aloha » Tue, 07 Nov 2006 10:36 pm

hi there! i have an urgent dilemma and I think u guys r just the right people to help me out here.

i've already made an appointment to have a nose implant @ SGH next thurs. the surgeon did a mole removal for me before and i find him very trustworthy and reliable tat's why i decide to go back to him for my nose job. it costs S$2.5 and i know yanhee cost only US$450 and is very good but i would prefer having it done in sg so that i could easily go back if there's any post-surgery problems.

so after making that appointment, i realise woffles wu does this injection implant that can allow me to assess if i really want a permanent implant so now i am in a dilemma.

i heard that for permanent implants overtime, a layer of natural cartilage envelopes the implant making your nose a few millimetres bigger and sometimes the implant may drop slightly to the side as the yrs go by or if you accidentally shove it with your hands!!! and the injection implant may have no effect after a few mths!!!

so how??? should i opt for the injection first or just go ahead with the SGH appointment for a permanent job? pls advise

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