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My Experience with Double Eyelid Surgery

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My Experience with Double Eyelid Surgery

Post by Angelclaud » Fri, 27 Oct 2006 8:33 pm

Hi All ! I've learnt a lot from this forum so I wanted to also share my experience with the double eyelid surgery.

I have finally underwent the double eyelid surgery with Dr. Fok on Oct 13th. It was quite a big decision for me as I came all the way from Jakarta. I had the surgery the same day I arrived in Singapore. Overall, everything went quite smoothly and it's even easier that what I've expected. I felt no pain, except for the injection to put me to sleep and I slept through the surgery.

My eyes weren't extremely swollen and bruised. My left eyes looked quite normal immediately after the surgery, but my right eyes were quite swollen. I was told that the doctor operated more on my right eyes because my right eyes were a bit smaller than my left and more droopy. That's why it's more swollen.

I was already out on the 2nd day of the surgery for around 5 hours. I didn't take the painkilling pills at all coz there's no significant pain, only a bit of discomfort because of the stitches. I was already out shopping the whole day on the 3rd day. I went back on the 17th to remove my stitches. It felt so much better.

It's now around 2 weeks after the surgery and my eyes are healing quite swiftly. I am quite satisfied that my eyes do look bigger, fresher, and more balance (I am aware that I have asymmetrical eyes). The only concern that I have is my left eye's crease seemed to have lowered significantly that it's sometimes visible, sometimes it's not. My eyes look good, but still without visible creases, which was the original reason I went to get a double eyelid surgery.

My family thinks I look real nice already and said that I just fret too much. I am so afraid that the crease will become even lower. It's just 2 weeks after my surgery and it's already quite low. So basically I am still trying to wait patiently for my eyes to really heal. I know from reading posts that it'll take a while.

You can find my before-after pic here: ... bumid=1981

I would love to hear what you all think! Do you think I need to get higher creases?

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